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Deramores is proud to support The Royal British Legion

We are honoured to provide year round support for the Royal British Legion, bringing the crochet and knitting communities together in support of current and ex-serving personnel, and their families.

The Royal British Legion is UK's largest armed forces charity, with 235,000 members and 110,000 volunteers; when it comes to supporting the Armed Forces Community, they are at it's very heart. A beloved and valued national institution, the annual Poppy Appeal is a renowned symbol of charity, support and remembrance both at home and abroad.

Now more than ever, it is important that we continue to raise awareness and donate to such a worthy cause whilst the world is recovering from a pandemic.

Supporting The Royal British Legion through knitting & crochet

As part of our support of The Royal British Legion, we will be donating up 50% of the RRP for our crochet and knitted poppy digital patterns.


We will also donate 10% of the RRP from the sales of our endorsed kits to the Royal British Legion:


  • Crochet Poppy Brooch
  • Knitted Poppy Brooch
  • Crochet Poppy Cushion
  • Knitting Poppy Cushion
  • Crochet Poppy Blanket
  • Knitted Poppy Blanket


Please share pictures of your brooches, blankets and cushions with us on social media with #DeramoresPoppy so we can display your wonderful work to the community via the gallery featured below!



Share your poppies with us and feature in our gallery!
Use #DeramoresPoppy on your social media posts.