Shopping Basket

Earn Derapoints in two simple steps.

1. Create a Deramores account and receive 200 Derapoints here. If you are already an account holder you do not need to re-register* and 200 points will automatically be added to your account.

*Please note if you have not used your account since our site update in September 2016 you will need to re-activate your account by creating a new one with the original email address used, this will then pull through your previous order history.

2. Shop at Deramores.

Yes, it really is that simple! Derapoints can be earned on every product excluding free patterns, where the value is £0.00. For every £1 spent 5 Derapoints will be added to your Deramores account. You can earn points when purchasing an eGift Card and the person you gift the card to can also collect points when spending the credit. You will receive 5 points per £1 spent, this includes the cost of shipping. For example if you spend £10.05 on yarn and £2.95 on shipping you will receive 65 Derapoints.

Redeeming your Derapoints 

Once you've collected over 500 Derapoints you can begin to redeem them. Derapoints can be redeemed by clicking on your Derapoints balance at the top right hand corner of the page. Here you will be able to redeem your points for different values. Select the value you would like to redeem and you will receive a coupon code, both on screen and via email. 

Spending your Derapoints

You've received your coupon code and you're ready to shop. Select all the desired products you would like to purchase and use the coupon code on the checkout page. The value of your coupon will automatically be deducted. 

For further clarification on The Deramores Rewards Scheme see our FAQs here and Terms and Conditions here.