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Have a brilliant design? Want to have it published?

Then Deramores wants to hear about it. We are constantly looking for new designs that can be published as single patterns, and soon, in Deramores Quarterly design books (we’ll release design mood boards when we get to the Quarterly so you can look at the theme before designing.)

So the team at Deramores are always on the lookout for stylish, accessible, modern, and fun designs for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels. If this has you interested and you’re sitting on a design that’s ready to go, then read on.

We are looking for designs for women, men, babies/children/teens, home accessories, or anything else you can dream up and design. Accessories are particularly popular amongst our customers at the moment.

Send clear scanned images of swatches and sketches and be sure that each piece is clearly labelled with your name, address, phone number, and Ravelry page or website. Also make it clear which sketch and swatch are to accompany each other.

  • If necessary, we will request a hard copy of a submission.
  • JPGs or PDF files work best for us.


As we think new design should always be offered, there is no deadline presently – there will be in the future for the Quarterly publication. So feel free to submit design throughout the year!


Compensation is based on the difficulty of the pattern. Deramores will provide all yarn support. We will also use our fantastic photography and styling team to ensure we show your design off to its best; however, if you wish to shoot and ask us to use your own photography, we are open to doing so - just let us know.

Tech editing is presently the responsibility of the designer, but we will do full layout of the pattern and photography. Payment is by bank transfer in the UK, and via Paypal if you are abroad. For 1 year the copyright remains with Deramores, and after one year it reverts back to the designer, although Deramores reserves the right to continue selling the pattern unless otherwise agreed. At that point, we will pay you for every PDF pattern sold on a monthly basis, and provide a monthly report alongside your payment.

Please note that you absolutely can submit as many ideas as you like, but to make it easy for us to keep track of your ideas, we ask that you submit each design proposal separately. All designs should be sent to [email protected].

Information to submit:

Please include the following information when submitting your design:

Ravelry user name
Ravelry designer page OR your website.

Also, a detailed description of your design and construction, and what yarns you think would work best for your design.

In your submission, please ensure you include a PDF that includes, at a minimum:

  • A sketch of your proposed design (showing how your design will fit on a body, if a garment). Schematics are not as useful as we can’t get as clear an idea how it may appear on a body.
  • A photo/scan of your swatch(es) and photos you have if the design is already completed.

Please do not send us any designs that have been published elsewhere or shared online. 

If we wish to publish your design, we will contact you with a price, our T&Cs, and other relevant information, and we can have a chat from there.

Any questions? Please email us at [email protected]

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your design!