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Designer Submissions

Are you a Crochet or Knitting Designer and looking for a platform to showcase some of your favourite designs?

Then we’d love to hear from you! Following the launch of our NEW and Improved Designer Shops Section in 2018, we are always on the lookout for new designers to join us.

We’ve received all manner of different designs, from Garments, Shawls, Accessories and Homewares, to Toys, Cushions, Cowls and Bags. Each design we receive is added to your own little corner of the Deramores website, as we introduce you to our crafting community as a Designer Shop.

Whether for Men, Women, Children, Babies, Animals or indeed your home, we are open to any ideas you have - nothing is too weird and wonderful for us! Accessories, blankets and Amigurumi patterns in-particular, however, do seem to be the on-trend items at the moment!

Some of our favourite designs so far

4 Seasons CAL Easter KAL Amigurumi Deradogs
4 Seasons - The Official Deramores 2019 CAL in collaboration with Veronika Cromwell, Emma Leith, Leonie Morgan, Hannah Cross, Zoe Potrac and Lynne Rowe. The Official Deramores Treasure Hunt Kit Easter Knit-Along by Knitola Amigurumi Dera-Dogs by Keep Calm and Crochet On
Chunky Cat Jacket Tulip Fields Place Mats Chunky Rug
Childs Chunky Cat Jacket by Fran Morgan Tulip Fields Place Settings by Zoë Potrac Chunky Rug by The Cornish Knitting Company


Here's what our designers had to say about Designer Shops...

Designers feedback on Deramores Designer Shops

Sounds good - How do I submit my design ideas?

If you would be interested in Opening a Designer Shop with us, this is what we would need are:

  • At least two design ideas, detailed either via a PDF or email with attachments and sketches as appropriate.
  • Your name, email address and current location
  • Are you a knitter, crocheter or both
  • Links to your website and social media pages

Once you have compiled the above together, simply email and a member of the marketing team will be in touch in due course.

Will I be compensated for my designs?

Absolutely - Deramores works in two ways:

  • One-Off Fee: The designer and Deramores will agree to a One-Off Fee for the design, whereby Deramores holds the rights to the pattern, but the pattern is always located in the designers Designer Shop.
  • Royalty: The pattern rights remain with the designer, and Deramores offers a commission on each pattern sold, which is reported on monthly. The design in this instance is also located in the designers Designer Shop.

The designers who currently work the best with Deramores are those who combine a mixture of One Off Fee and Royalty based commissions. Designers who have a back catalogue of patterns from for example publications use the Royalty approach for these patterns - So long as the patterns can be matched to a current or suitable yarn alternative, then this is absolutely fine.

Tech editing and pattern checking does remain the responsibility of the designer, and any customer queries resulting from submitted patterns would be the responsibility of the designer to help answer any questions that may arise.

I’m not a very good photographer - can you help?

Sure we can - We have an in-house photography team and can also help with the writing up of any patterns into a PDF Format.

How will you market my designs?

For every pattern we add onto the Deramores website, these are immediately added to our Daily Newsletter. They are also promoted across social media and during themed campaigns such as Designer Month.

We also maintain strong relationships with all the major trade publications for both knitting & crochet and so we will sometimes offer magazines exclusivity to publish these patterns and have also dedicated full-page adverts to single designers.

You are also welcome to join our affiliate network, whereby promoting Deramores and your patterns on your own blog and social media, you’ll be entitled to a percentage of these sales as a commission. For further information, head to our affiliate page.

Anything else:

If you are still in need of further information, feel free to drop us a message on Live Chat (Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm GMT) or via email at