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Wooden Needles and Hooks

Luxurious high quality wooden knitting needles that are smooth to the touch. The additional friction on a wooden needle or hook makes it the obvious choice when working on more complex patterns in a smoother yarn.

Buy Wooden Knitting Needles and Hooks Online

Wooden knitting needles and hooks have a unique earthy feel that so many of our customers favour above all else. They grip well with many types of yarn, which means you’re less likely to drop stitches while you’re using them, and they are also considered one of the most comfortable types of needles and hooks due to their lightweight yet durable properties.

Small gauge wooden needles are very delicate, which makes them perfect for fussier patterns; bigger needles are more robust and less likely to break when under pressure. Generally, wooden knitting needles and hooks are great for intricate designs, as long as they are handled correctly!

Knit Pro manufactures some of the most impressive wooden needles and crochet hooks available. The brand’s famous Symfonie range boasts stunning tools that will meet all of your practical needs, but are pieces of art in their own right. Hobbygift is also a tour de force when it comes to wooden needles and caters for both knitting enthusiasts and crochet lovers with its reasonably-priced products. And talking of price, the wooden knitting needles sets available from our website are excellent value for money and will make great gifts for others - or they can of course be purchased as a hard-earned present to yourself!