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Toy Stuffing & Cushion Pads

Bring your knitted and crochet toy creations to life with our super-soft toy stuffing.

Buy Toy Filling Stuffing at Great Prices

Your beautiful new creation won’t be complete without soft toy stuffing. Once the design has been completed and you’re happy with your work, you need to pad out your new children’s plaything with some quality toy filling stuffing that’s guaranteed to see the item through years of fun.

Deramores stocks the most practical and reliable soft toy stuffing from major brands such as Essentials and Groves. This firm yet surprisingly lightweight material can be used to fill knitted or crochet toys, cushions and other home accessories. These products are made from machine washable polyester fibres, ensuring your toy will remain in great condition as it endures endless cleans. And if you’re worried about exposing your little ones to harmful fibres, don’t be – polyester soft toy stuffing is completely safe for babies and young children.