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Super Chunky Knitting Yarn

There's chunky wool and then there's SUPER chunky wool! Ideal for beginners, our selection of gorgeously cosy, super chunky wool is just the thing for big and cosy creations.

Buy From an Amazing Range of Super Chunky Yarn

It’s difficult to go wrong with super chunky wool. Big fibres serve to hide small errors, so if you’re just starting out with your new hobby and are looking for a yarn that will help you gain confidence in your creations, super chunky yarn is here to help you on your journey to becoming a masterful knitter. You’ll also find that you’ll complete your super chunky creations in record time!

Super chunky wool has never really gone out of fashion. There will always be a place in everyone’s wardrobe for oversized knits. However, the extra chunky yarn now on offer from leading brands such as King Cole, Sirdar, Hayfield, Stylecraft and James C Brett makes use of advanced technology to ensure it’s both soft and durable. After all, we all want to rest assured that our knits are going to maintain their vibrancy and quality, even when they’re washed on a regular basis, which is why many chunky yarns are now created using man-made fibres like polyester and acrylic.

Of course, there are plenty of super bulky yarns that have been manufactured using wool and the ever-luxurious merino, too. The type of super chunky wool you choose will depend on what you’re seeking to create, and whether you want to go for the resilience of artificial fibres or the unique look and feel of more natural materials.