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Super Chunky Knitting Patterns

Easy to knit, our super chunky knitting patterns allow you to create beautiful clothes, fun toys and attractive accessories quickly. Start your next project today and pick from the list below.

Buy Extra Chunky Knitting Patterns

Big, bulky and guaranteed to catch the eye of passers-by, our super chunky knitting patterns will provide you with some of the warmest and most wearable garments in your entire wardrobe! You don’t need to be a seasoned knitter to get on well with these designs – in fact, because the wool used is so large and easy to manage, even those with very limited experience will be amazed at how quickly their creations come to life.

We guarantee you’ll fall deeply in love with our super chunky knitting patterns. Super chunky wool is a great fit for comfy sweaters, jumpers and cardigans, but its versatility doesn’t end there. Extra chunky yarn can be used to create all kinds of winter accessories, including oversized scarves, insulating hats and beanies, and wind-resisting cowls. It’s also a great option if you’re keen to create statement pieces for your home, such as throws, cushion covers, hot water bottle covers and even children’s toys.

We’ve got designs from all of the major brands, including King Cole, Hayfield and Sirdar, along with a handful of smaller but no-less-exciting knitwear designers, too. And because we want to cater to the needs of all of our customers, our super chunky knitting patterns can either be ordered as physical leaflets or downloaded straight from our website for your convenience.