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Sublime Books

Sublime by name, sublime by nature. This collection of Sublime knitting pattern books contains all kinds of graceful designs for adults and children alike.

Browse Our Collection of Sublime Knitting Pattern Books

What sets Sublime yarn apart from the rest are the beautiful natural fibres and the unusual stitch combinations that have been incorporated into their latest lines. So as you’d expect, the patterns within this collection of Sublime books have been designed to help you explore all the delicious textures on offer from their products.

The brand’s Little Sublime Hand Knit books offer up adorable creations for babies and toddlers. You can expect soft, irresistibly touchable designs for girls and boys from these books, and the patterns are surprisingly easy to work with. Sublime books such as the Eighth Sublime Merino Double Knitting Book will help you add a distinctively feminine touch to your adult wardrobe; elsewhere, the Ninth Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK Book will intrigue customers who are looking for designs that marry straightforward tailoring with contemporary styles.