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Stitch Holders

The handy accessory that holds open stitches when not being used by the needles! Stitch holders are perfect for when you’re finishing the side of an item. They can also be used on stitches that have been separated from the needle when splitting a knitted piece.

Buy Knitting Stitch Holders Online

Browse our range of knitting stitch holders and pick up these useful little tools at great prices. We’ve sourced the very best stitch holders just for you, including double ended and cable stitch varieties for more complex projects that require various techniques. Depending on your requirements, you can buy single stitch holders or opt for sets that contain equipment in different sizes and specifications.

Pony is perhaps one of the best-known manufacturers for stitch holders and other important accessories. Their range is incredibly affordable, yet still offers all of the practical tools you need to stay on top of your designs. Other leading brands such as Addi, Clover, Essentials and HiyaHiya also offer excellent products that will see you through endless knits.