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Sock Knitting Patterns

Keep your toes toasty with a pair of handmade socks. Whether you’re knitting or crocheting socks for a baby or yourself, here you’ll find everything from slipper sock knitting patterns to bed socks, boot socks and more.

Knit Your Own Socks with our Handy Patterns

Where would we be without the humble knitted sock? You can’t leave the house without a cosy pair of knitted socks when the weather turns cold – and because we know that our sock knitting patterns are continually popular with hobbyists of all ages and skill levels, we have put together our best ever collection of designs and made sure they can be purchased quickly and easily online.

Get your hands on the latest designs from leading brands. Many of the world’s most recognisable crafts companies are supplying sought-after sock knitting patterns. Rowan, Sirdar and King Cole lead the way in custom knitted footwear, but there are plenty of other smaller design houses that are producing fresh, exciting designs that are new to the market, and you’ll find plenty of them here.

You might be forgiven for thinking that knitting patterns for socks are pretty straightforward – but in fact, there are all kinds of items for you to pick and choose from, many of which make good use of yarns of different weights and fibres. Create bed socks, boot socks, snuggly around-the-house socks and statement socks with any one of the sock knitting patterns. Knitting your own socks is by far one of the most rewarding pursuits for crafts lovers, so get searching and make a start on your new project today!