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Sirdar Knitting Wool

Now in their outstanding 136th year, Sirdar continue to provide generation after generation of knitters and crocheters with a continually fresh range of high quality knitting wool and yarn.

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Sirdar is one of the world’s most enduring knitting wool brands. With a keen eye for design and a passion for coming up with new and interesting ideas, Sirdar continually develops yarn of the highest quality that can add unique edge to your knitted clothes, accessories, toys and homeware.

Alongside its range of staple Sirdar yarns that are designed to form the basis of your project, the brand also offers dazzling variations on traditional styles to keep your knitting projects firmly fashion-forward. The Sirdar Colourwheel is what’s known as a double cake yarn, and it’s perhaps one of Sirdar’s most popular wools; everyone who gets their hands on this beautiful yarn will be able to add extra sparkle and pizzazz to any project. Original balls such as the Sirdar Touch add a soft, gentle feel to traditional designs, and another stand-out product for us is the Sirdar Wild, a rainbow-esque furry yarn that creates a truly eye-catching look when added to jumpers, scarves and hats.

As one of the leading Sirdar wool stockists, the team here at Deramores have made it our mission to bring our customers the latest and greatest Sirdar yarns at some of the most competitive prices around. Buy Sirdar yarn online today!