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Scheepjes Value Packs

Many of the magical yarns from Scheepjes are now available at even more affordable prices thanks to these handy branded value packs.

Buy Quality Scheepjes Yarn in Bulk

We’re huge fans of Scheepjes yarns for so many reasons. Too many to list here, in fact. But when all is said and done, we think that the popularity of these wools comes down to two things: they’re innovative, and they’re versatile. And because we want crafters of all ages and budgets to ensure the benefits of knitting and crocheting with these beautiful yarns, we’ve put together a range of Scheepjes value packs that bring you the same great quality materials at even more affordable prices.

For yarn that delivers a super stitch definition and a beautifully textured look, look no further than Scheepjes’ Stone Washed variety. It will give your garments and accessories that sought-after classic appearance, yet add a little bit of intrigue and depth that really draws in the eye. Elsewhere, the popular Colour Crafter boasts a 100% premium acrylic blend that washes well, making it the ideal choice for knits and crochet pieces that are going to be worn frequently throughout the winter.

We offer Scheepjes yarn value packs in a wide range of shades to suit the demands of any design. Simply browse our Scheepjes stock to find a colour that will be the perfect fit for your next project.