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Scheepjes Books

Add a little Dutch magic to your collection with this bright, playful collection of Scheepjes knitting and crochet books.

Browse Our Collection of Scheepjes Knitting Books

After returning back from the brink in 2010, Scheepjes has spent the last decade re-establishing itself as a world-class yarn manufacturer. And as a result, the brand has released a head-turning collection of Scheepjes books for those who want to experiment with its broad spectrum of products.

Many of the Scheepjes books here have been taken from the brand’s YARN Book-a-zine collection, a series of magazine-style publications that boast amazing photography as well as clear instructions for interesting, thoughtful pieces.

Scheepjes’ Midnight Garden knitting book has been a huge hit with fashion lovers; it’s full of sophisticated designs that are complemented further by surreal imagery. YARN - The Sea Issue, the very first book from this Scheepjes range, is a particularly cute montage of nautical-themed patterns that also contains must-read interviews with famous Dutch designers. We also love The Dutch Masters, a Scheepjes YARN Book-a-zine that showcases designs for winter clothes and accessories that have been inspired by the Netherlands’ own craft methods.