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Rico Design Colour Packs

Get ready to get creative! This carefully selected range of colour packs from Rico Design boasts bundles of rich, exciting shades that will inspire truly unique pieces.

Experiment with Yarn Colour Packs from Rico Design

These stunning yarn colour packs from Rico Design allow you to experiment with both colour and texture to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any new project. Rest assured that when you choose to knit or crochet with Rico Design yarns, you’ll end up with a piece that’s a million miles away from the norm.

This brand has never been afraid to work with bold shades, and many of these tones work extremely well when knitted or crocheted together. Sets such as the Creative Cotton Aran Rose Garden Colour Pack contain low-key shades such as Candy Pink, Pastel Green and Smokey Berry; at the other end of the scale, the Fashion Cotton Metallise Quartz Colour Pack introduces striking metallics into the mix that are laced with extra sparkle, helping you to create head-turning garments and accessories that are perfect for the party season.