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Polyester Yarn

Durable yet soft, polyester wool is often used to create novelty and fashion items. It’s the ideal fibre to get your creative juices flowing.

Buy Polyester Knitting Yarn Online

We love yarns that have been blended with polyester because they’re some of the most hard-wearing around. Polyester brings a stronger edge to any nature fibre. It is a hydrophobic material, which means that it repels water; it washes easily but doesn’t retain excess moisture, leading to quick drying times without loss of shape. All of these qualities combined make polyester wool the ideal choice for jumpers, sweaters and other regularly-used items of clothing. Plus, it’s much-loved by those who are allergic to traditional sheep wool.

Manufacturers are now combining small volumes of polyester with all kinds of wonderful fibres to create remarkable yarns. Try the King Cole Cuddles DK for fluffy textures that lend themselves well to baby garments and cuddly toys; it’s a definite favourite amongst customers who prefer the double knitting technique. Be sure to take a look at Glitz Chunky from the same brand, too – this is a soft, glamorous wool that’s been created using the perfect blend of polyester and acrylic.