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Plus Size Knitting Patterns

Browse our comprehensive collection of plus size knitting patterns and you’re sure to stumble across the perfect design for your next project.

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All of the designs in this ever-growing collection will perfectly complement women with beautiful curves. These patterns are available in larger sizes to ensure ladies of all shapes and proportions can get their hands on some of the most exciting knitting patterns from world-leading designers.

From chunky tweed jumpers through to figure-hugging cardigans, there are all kinds of plus size knitting patterns right here. We’ve made it incredibly easy for our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for within this selection by introducing handy search filters. For example, you can search for your preferred plus size pattern by specifying the brand, wool fibre, yarn weight, the type of garment you wish to knit, and even the format of the instructions if you wish (we offer hard copies and digital downloads so you can access your plus size knitting patterns however you like).

We’ve also made it easy for you to track down the right materials for your next plus size project. Many of our items are listed with sizing tables and recommendations as to how many balls of yarn you will need to create a piece of clothing in a particular size. This is invaluable for minimising wastage, and it saves you money, too!