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Plastic Needles and Hooks

Plastic needles and crochet hooks offer a great combination of lightness and strength. Available in a range of sizes, plastic knitting needles are very popular and work well for larger sizes as the material reduces the weight of the needles on your wrists.

Buy Plastic Knitting Needles and Hooks Online

Where do we start when it comes to the long list of benefits associated with plastic knitting needles and crochet hooks? They’re smooth, they’re very lightweight, and plastic needles are particularly useful when you’re crafting with thicker, chunkier yarn types. They warm up quickly and retain their temperature while in use, which makes them an appealing option for customers with arthritis or other conditions that affect the hands and forearms, including carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, plastic needles are also bendable, which in some scenarios can aid the formation of more secure stitches.

Though they are great all-round purchases that can be used for all kinds of projects, you’ll find that plastic needles and crochet hooks are also some of the most affordable tools available. They are the perfect option for beginners who want to keep costs to a minimum while they are getting to grips with their new hobby. If price is your main consideration, take a look at the range of plastic knitting needles and plastic crochet hooks from staple brand Pony, which are very reasonably priced; if you’re after something a little more stylish, then the products on offer from Milward and Addi may be more to your liking.