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Patons Colour Packs

Create stand-out clothes and accessories with these stunning colour packs from British brand Patons.

Buy the Latest Colour Packs from Patons

We’re always quick to sing the praises of Patons yarn. Practical, durable and available in various different blends, this company’s wool is guaranteed to stand the test of time – but best of all, these branded yarns are available in all kinds of amazing colours to add extra pizazz to any project. To help you in your quest for crafted perfection, we’ve put together a range of pre-mixed Patons colour packs to help you create beautifully coordinated pieces with ease.

Our Patons colour packs will often take you by surprise. Take the Patons Fab DK Raspberry Colour Pack, for instance. If you’re choosing shades yourself, you may not even think about combining these bright reds and blues, but clearly they belong together. And if you’re after a low-key selection of shades, the Lilac Mix Colour Pack contains various pastel tones of Patons Smoothie DK yarn, which is both luxurious and easy to work with.