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Nylon Yarn

A strong and durable wool, nylon wool is still light enough to ensure your knit doesn’t become too weighty. This is a soft synthetic fibre that boasts warmth, with a dollop of snuggliness thrown in for good measure.

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When nylon wool is added into any blend, it adds strength, elasticity and durability to the yarn, yet it also mimics the soft, smooth feel of silk. It truly brings the best of both worlds to any knit!

Though nylon yarn can be used in finer work, it’s always a firm choice for everyday items of clothing, such as sweatshirts, cardigans and jumpers, largely because it can be washed and tumble dried without going out of shape. Any type of wool that has been spun with added nylon is ideal if you’re looking to create smaller accessories, such as socks, gloves and children’s clothes.

Pad out your crafts collection with beautiful nylon wool today; browse our range and find some of the most innovative products at highly competitive prices. You can also take a look at each individual product descriptions for more information on the fibres used to create these nylon yarns. Many of the nylon wools of today are mixed with other natural materials, such as cashmere, to produce a deliciously deluxe feel.