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Mohair Wool

So fluffy! A firm favourite with even the most discerning knitter, mohair wool is unbeaten in the style stakes. This lightweight wool offers something a little different from the norm.

Buy From a Great Range of Mohair Yarn

Mohair is the common name for the hair that’s sourced from the Angora goat. It’s the hidden gem of the fashion industry in that it’s often used by hobbyists, but rarely used by big-chain clothing manufacturers. When you choose to use mohair wool yarn in your knits, you’re guaranteed to create clothes and accessories that are very different from the norm.

Mohair yarn ranges from smooth, tight variants through to the trademark fluffy types that are produced by leading brands such as Rowan. It’s best used for large gauge knitting, but does lend itself to some small gauge patterns, too. Like many other types of knitting wool, Mohair yarn is available in a huge range of pre-dyed colours, so whatever kind of look you want to achieve, you’re certain to find the perfect shade from within our collection.

Deramores takes great care in sourcing the best quality Mohair knitting wool at fantastic prices. All of these products can be purchased directly from our website, making it simple to find and order the material that best suits your project!