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Metal Knitting Needles

Metal knitting needles are the most common type of needle and far stronger than their counterparts. Perfect for many-a-yarn blend, however due to the smooth nature of the material, yarn can slip off the needles a little easier.

Buy Metal Needles and Crochet Hooks

Everyone has their own favourite knitting needles and crochet hooks. Their preferences will often depend on the type of yarn they normally use, and the techniques that need to be explored to create their desired patterns. But one of the many reasons why customers choose metal knitting needles and hooks – especially those made from durable aluminium – is that they are incredibly hardwearing compared to their plastic counterparts.

Sure, aluminium knitting needles and crochet hooks are quite slippery, so they may not be the easiest to get to grips with if you’re a beginner, but their durability and versatility certainly makes them an attractive option to knitting and crochet enthusiasts who are confident in their abilities.

We’ve made it easy to track down the perfect pair of metal knitting needles or the ideal set of crochet hooks. Deramores stocks quality products from popular brands such as Addi, Milward and Knit Pro. Our collection covers a wide range of sizes and types, so whether you’re looking for a straightforward single point or double point metal needle, or a more sophisticated interchangeable set, you’ll find everything you need at the click of a button right here. We’ve got metal hooks and needles that fit neatly into all kinds of budgets, too.