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Machine Washable Knitting Wool

This range does exactly what it says on the tin. All of our machine washable wool can be put through its paces, making it perfect for use when knitting everyday clothes, socks and blankets.

Machine Washable Yarn for Durable Creations

You may be used to having to wash all of your wool creations by hand, in colder water. But did you know that some of the latest innovations can actually be thrown in with a regular wash? All of the machine washable yarn in this collection can be washed on a low temperature without shrinking, felting or going out of shape.

This washable yarn is the perfect choice for knitting novices, or those who run a busy household and need to be able to clean their handmade clothes quickly and easily in a standard wash cycle. Mums, dads, students, time-strapped professionals – everyone can benefit from machine washable knitting wool that requires no special treatment!

Every ball of machine washable wool has its limits, though. Be sure to check each individual product description for more information on how your preferred yarn should be cleaned. By doing so, you’ll keep your knits in tip-top condition.

Deramores stocks an unrivalled selection of machine washable knitting wool and crochet yarn. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to create clothes, blankets and accessories in any pattern or design imaginable. Our machine washable yarns are available in all kinds of weights, from 2 ply all the way through to super chunky, and you can choose from a selection of man-made and treated natural fibres depending on your preferences.