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Buy Quality Yarns for Let’s Knit Designs

At the centre of every successful knit is great quality yarn. After all, even the most impressive designs are nothing without the beautiful, workable fibres that are wound expertly to create them. That’s why the team here at Deramores have taken the time to develop a range of Let’s Knit Colour Packs.

We realised that a lot of our customers were keen to try out the unique ideas in each issue, but often didn’t know which yarns would produce the best results – so we took it upon ourselves to create a range of one-of-a-kind Let’s Knit Colour Packs that deliver exactly the right volume of materials in the fibres and colours that are best suited to the demands of each project. We’ve taken the hassle out of tracking down the right yarns for each pattern, which leaves you to get on with what you do best: knitting together incredible clothes and accessories!

Please note that our Let’s Knit colour packs only contain the yarns you need to complete the garment you have chosen. On each product page, you’ll find more information on where to find the pattern itself. Most designs have been published in previous issues of the magazine.