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Knitting Needle Sets

The gift that keeps on... well, knitting! Treat a fellow yarn-revelling enthusiastic to a set to see them through project after project.

Buy Knitting Needle and Hook Sets

However you like to craft, you’ll find everything you need to succeed within our knitting needle and hook sets. We’ve scoured the product portfolios of all of the world’s leading brands – including Addi, Pony, Groves & Banks and Milward – to bring our customers the finest selection of quality needle and hook sets.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter looking for a sound investment, or a beginner in search of a much more affordable alternative, you’ll be sure to find the perfect knitting needle and crochet hook set within our selection here. The advantage of these sets is that they bring you everything you need in one handy package; there’s no need to source all of your tools separately, and you can combine knitting and crochet techniques quickly and easily to create beautiful pieces that showcase your skills.

Our interchangeable knitting needle and hook sets are a fantastic option if you want complete versatility from your purchase. You can opt for a straightforward set if you’re after the basics, or choose a more colourful package such as the Knit Pro Spectra Trendz Acrylic Interchangeable Deluxe Set if you want your needles and hooks to look as stylish as your knits!