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Knitting Needle Protectors

Small but incredibly useful, these quality needle protectors will keep your needles sharp and in good condition.

Buy Knitting Needle Point Protectors Online

These great little tools do exactly what they say on the tin – they will keep the points of your knitting needles clean, sharp and free from damage while they are not in use.

Knitting needle protectors can also be used to keep your work fastened to your needles or circulars if you are halfway through a project and don’t want your stitches to slip off the pins. They’re a great investment if you regularly knit on the go, as they will keep all of your hard work secure as you travel.

Deramores stocks a comprehensive range of knitting needle point protectors, including staple products from many of our favourite manufacturers, such as HiyaHiya, Pony, Clover and Knit Pro. The Essentials brand also offers great value knitting point protectors in a range of sizes to suit any set.