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Yarns for Loom Knitting

Create stunning projects with our extensive selection of loom-friendly yarns.

Browse our Pick of the Best Yarn for Loom Knitting

It’s widely thought that any type of yarn can be used when knitting on a loom – but the fact is, some weights and fibres lend themselves better to this method than others. Here, we’ve put together a selection of the very best yarns for loom knitting to help you create items that are both beautiful and designed to last.

It’s simple to knit on a loom using thicker, bulkier wools or DKs. They are easy to manoeuvre, and you’ll be able to spot any mistakes quickly when you choose these types of wools. Quality products such as the Bonus DK from Hayfield and the Comfort DK from King Cole are great all-round yarns that are tough enough to stand up to heavy use on a loom. But that’s not to say that you can’t work with finer materials, if you have enough pegs on the loom to accommodate them. We’ve listed a range of lighter yarns here, including fingering yarns from the likes of Scheepjes and Lopi, and Rowan’s Fine Lace and Kidsilk Haze varieties.