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Knit Pro Knitting Needles

For those who live for the craft, Knit Pro Knitting Knitting Needles are designed with your passion in mind. Expect high quality design and attention to detail from a brand who have certainly proved their worth with knitters worldwide.

Buy Knit Pro Knitting Needles

As a company, Knit Pro prides itself on its status as one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of knitting needles. It’s maintained its stellar reputation because of its commitment to innovation in its very niche field.

With their sharp tips and silky surfaces, Knit Pro’s signature Symfonie knitting needles come in a range of patterns, making them perhaps one of the more unusual products on the market. The brand’s Zing needles are produced using lightweight aluminium that guarantees an effortless knit regardless of whether you choose single pointed, double pointed or fixed circular needles to create your desired piece.

Though many of the most popular Knit Pro knitting needles are manufactured using solid wood, metal and plastic variations are also available for knitters who prefer a smoother feel. These are particularly handy for beginners and those who want to work on chunkier knits.

Browse our great range of Knit Pro needles and buy your favourite products directly from our website. Here at Deramores, we work hard to keep our prices low, so you’re guaranteed a great deal when you buy Knit Pro products online