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Interchangeable Needles

Interchangeable knitting needles are a practical and easy way to create many different needle combinations for a range of projects. Their incredible versatility means every knitter should have some in their kit.

Buy Interchangeable Needle Sets

Craft any way you like with our interchangeable knitting needles! Whether you need fixed needles for a flat project or have to work in the round to complete your next big knit, these needles can be adjusted with different tips and cables to provide you with any combination imaginable.

Here, you can pick up some of the most innovative interchangeable knitting needles from top brands, including Addi, HiyaHiya, Pony, Knit Pro and Groves & Banks.

Each of our interchangeable knitting needle sets brings something slightly different to the table. Some customers prefer the sleek, lightweight feel of plastic needles, while others like the earthier feel of wooden or bamboo products. Similarly, many of our products lend themselves well to the techniques of beginners, and others have been developed to suit the quick, capable fingers of experienced knitters. Add interchangeable needles of various sizes and prices into the mix and you’ll quickly see that we have created an unrivalled collection that suits all budgets and individuals of all abilities.

Whichever interchangeable knitting needle set you choose, you can rest assured that all of the products available from Deramores will deliver an experience that’s both effortless and enjoyable.