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Hayfield Wool

Quality and style at an affordable price, Hayfield Knitting Wool is a must for your stash. This brand always ensures you have a reliable yarn for those smaller projects that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Buy From Our Range of Hayfield Yarn

Every hobbyist has their favourite yarn – and many are quick to claim that Hayfield is always their wool of choice. Hayfield knitting wool is in fact one of the most popular ranges that we stock. This manufacturer takes great pride in its huge collection and has taken extra care to develop yarn that meets everyone’s requirements. These exciting yet versatile materials are a hit with beginners and seasoned knitters alike.

Hayfield wools are available in several different weights and the brand makes good use of wool, acrylic, nylon and viscose fibres, so you can pick a product that’s going to be a great fit for the garment or accessory you’re knitting (and that you find easy to work with, of course). Hayfield’s colour palette is warm and inviting, and includes gorgeous blue hues, neutrals and tweed designs.

Pick Hayfield’s chunky wool for a thick, cosy finish, or opt for the Aran for a finer, even softer feel. The Bonus Aran is perhaps one of our personal favourites – it’s at the higher end of the range, but it’s incredibly hard-wearing and, like many of the other Hayfield yarns available, machine washable.

Hayfield also supplies a range of baby yarns that are perfect when used to create babygros, cardigans, hats, booties and other accessories.