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Double Point Needles & Crochet Hooks

Sold in sets of four or five, double pointed needles are great for seamless, circular knitting. They’re a great option if you want to create garments such as socks and hats.

Double Pointed Needles Sets

Need to knit in the round? You’ll find the right tools for the job here in our collection of double pointed needles and needle sets.

Double point knitting needles should be a staple within every knitter’s arsenal. Their unique shape and feel will help you create various elements of gorgeous winter favourites, including every day hats, gloves and socks - and they are also a vital purchase if you want to produce certain knitted toys. Double pointed needles are comfortable and easy to use, too, which means that working with them is hugely enjoyable regardless of your skill level or experience.

Browse our comprehensive range of double point knitting needles and check out with the products that best meet your knitting needs. Deramores has sourced top quality items from all major brands, and we stock needles that have been crafted from various materials, including metal, plastic, wood and bamboo. The type of needle you choose will depend on the weight, size and diameter that feels most comfortable to you for the project you’re working on.

These products are available in sets of four or five to make sure you’re able to continue with your project even if one or two of them go missing – after all, we know how easy it is to mislay needles when you’re fully focused on the task at hand!