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Downloadable Knitting Patterns

Get all your favourite knitting patterns in a convenient downloadable format. Store digital patterns on your tablet, computer or mobile and all your must-haves will only ever be a click away!

Download Digital Knitting Patterns Here

Gone are the days of carrying around heavy, messy folders full of all your favourite designs. Now, you can download digital knitting patterns to the devices of your choice so they can be viewed anywhere and everywhere. These digital knitting patterns won’t tear, they won’t be subjected to tea stains and damage from other accidental spills, and you won’t be able to misplace them, because all of your latest knitting patterns will be stored safely and securely online.

Our digital knitting patterns are a Godsend for anybody who tends to knit on the go. We’ve created digital copies of hundreds of books and leaflets that have proven to be very popular with our customers, and each set of instructions will tell you exactly what you need in order to create every detail of the design.

We know that many of you will be searching for a particular design, which is why we’ve made it easy to search within our vast collection for the downloadable knitting pattern you need. You can filter your search in a number of ways: for example, you can choose patterns related to the garment you wish to knit (cardigans, sweaters, hats etc), or you can view all of the online knitting patterns for adults, children or other different sub-categories.