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Cygnet Yarns

Small but perfectly formed, Cygnet is a company that’s doing great things for the crafts sector. Deramores is proud to stock a great range of Cygnet yarns, all of which can be bought directly from our website!

Buy Cygnet Wool Online

Cygnet may be comparatively new to the knitting scene, but the brand has certainly made a sizable impact on the industry since its launch back in 2004. Based in Bradford, UK, the company is primarily famed for its cheap acrylic yarns, but has expanded its collection of Cygnet wool in recent years to include high quality wool and cotton yarns that deliver a more sumptuous feel.

Whether you’ve been crafting for decades or are still learning basic skills, you’ll find Cygnet yarn a delight to work with. Our personal favourites are the Boho Spirit, a simply stunning Aran wool with an electrifying sheen, and the ever-versatile Utopia Chunky, which is the perfect choice for country-inspired creations.

Bear in mind that we also stock Cygnet colour packs, along with various knitting and crochet patterns, to help you make the most of these beautiful yarns.