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Cotton Yarn

Indulge in breathable and soft cotton balls and create a delicate knit to suit the warmer months of the year with our gorgeous cotton yarn collection.

Buy Cotton Knitting and Crochet Yarns

Think fresh pastels, classic whites and lightweight luxury when it comes to our exceptional range of cotton knitting yarns.

Here at Deramores, we love knitting cotton for its sheer versatility. Cotton lends itself well to almost any kind of clothing, so you can use cotton yarn to create everything from sweatshirts and cardigans through to children’s wardrobe staples and soft toys. In fact, most types of cotton yarn can be freshened up in a washing machine and dried very quickly, which is always ideal if you’re knitting for little ones. 

Depending on your level of experience, you could choose to work with fine or heavier cotton wool weights. If you’re just starting out with the hobby, we would suggest opting for 4 ply, Aran or chunky variations on cotton yarn; the lighter versions, such as those that fall into the fingering category, can be fussy to work with and require a lot more concentration if you want to avoid mistakes.

Many cotton yarns are mixed with synthetic fibres, such as acrylic, to enhance their durability and add an extra layer of warmth to the material. You can find out more about the compositions of each of the cotton knitting yarns on our website by clicking through to the individual product descriptions.