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Cable Knitting Needles

Designed to hold stitches out of the way while you move other stitches around them, our cable needles are the ideal choice for creating textured cable knitting effects.

Buy Cable Needles Online

Deramores stocks cable knitting needles from all the major brands, including HiyaHiya, Pony, Milward and Knit Pro. We take great pride in our collection and have been careful only to supply cable needles that we know are going to be a delight to work with.

Classic cabled sweaters are always in fashion, and thanks to these handy little tools, they are also a breeze to create! Browse our selection and you’ll find cable knitting needles in various forms that will help you create a beautifully textured look for any jumper or accessory.

Choose from small, straight, curved, hooked and interchangeable cable knitting needles depending on the demands of your chosen pattern, and use them to develop flat, consistent cables with perfect joins. We’ve also made it possible to purchase both metal and wooden cable knitting needles, because we know that each material offers a different hold, grip and feel (and your preferences may change as you go from one knit to another!).

Be sure to match the diameter of your cable needles to the knitting needles you are using for your project for the best results.