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Blue Sky Fibers Knitting Patterns

These knitting patterns are designed to inspire, excite and delight! Ever since they started out with a small herd of friendly alpacas in their back garden, Blue Sky Fibers have continued to consciously craft.

Blue Sky Patterns, Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Fibers is a brand that prides itself on its ability to ignite that creative spark within you – so what better way to explore new territory than to order Blue Sky Fibers knitting patterns? There’s plenty to try here, ranging from children’s hoodies to cute beanies and glamorous shrugs, and all of these designs can be undertaken by customers with varying skill levels. Underpinning all of Blue Sky’s creations is a practical yet elegant look; these clothes and accessories are ideal for the travellers amongst you, but with the right styling, they can be dressed up for more formal occasions, too.

Blue Sky is a little different from many of its bigger competitors because it is renowned for its commitment to only using natural, sustainable fibres. So when you choose to create a Blue Sky design using one of the company’s cotton worsted yarns, you’re choosing to invest in a company that truly cares about our planet. Knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment is sure to leave you with the same warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ll get when you slip into any one of these beautiful knits.

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