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Browse the Best Knitting Starter Kits

The mark of a great knitting starter kit is its ability to steadily introduce you to your craft while pushing you ever-so-slightly out of your comfort zone. Our selection of knitting kits for beginners give you everything you need to complete your chosen piece and the clear instructions provided with every set will guide you through every stage of the process, ensuring you’re not only happy with your final design, but finish the project feeling competent and confident in your technique.

Naturally, some garments are easier to knit than others. Capes, cowls, shawls and pillowcases will come together quickly, and scarves are a rite of passage for any first-timer. Then, once you’ve got to grips with a beginners knitting set and you’re ready to try something more challenging, you can browse the wider collection of knitting kits elsewhere on our website and pick the set that takes your fancy!

We’ve got own-brand knitting sets for beginners, along with the latest offerings from big brands Wendy, Sirdar and James C. Brett. Whichever easy knitting kit you choose, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the end result and will feel a real sense of accomplishment after conquering those tricky stitches.