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Bamboo Yarn

Breathable, soft and gentle, doesn’t that sound just dreamy? Bamboo wool is ideal for lightweight spring, summer and baby knits. Promising a wonderfully subtle drape for an extra-special knit.

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Bamboo knitting wool is relatively new to the scene – but every year, more and more hobbyists are discovering the many benefits of using this unique fibre in their designs.

Bamboo yarn is different from many other products in that it is entirely bio-degradable. It also boasts natural anti-bacterial qualities and provides UV protection, making it a solid choice if you want to create clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers. It also hangs delightfully when worn, and will retain its shape even when regularly washed. 

You may think that, given the fact it’s a fresh innovation, bamboo yarn is difficult to knit with. In fact, the opposite is true. You’ll always get the best results by perfecting your technique, of course, but even beginners can start working with bamboo wool and still produce consistent knits in all kinds of patterns and designs. If you need a little inspiration, why not take a look at our range of knitting patterns? You’re bound to find something that will work perfectly with any of the bamboo yarns on offer here.