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Baa Ram Ewe Knitting Kits

Browse these knitting kits which make excellent use of Baa Ram Ewe's range of yarns, made from 100% Yorkshire Wool.

Buy the Latest Knitting Kits from Baa Ram Ewe

A truly invested brand, Baaa Ram Ewe offers everything from rich fibrous wools to traditional designs and more.

Browse the full range of Baa Ram Ewe Knitting Kits here featuring everything from the neutral tones available in Dovestone to the natural palette featured in Pip and deep shades of Winterburn Aran and DK.

Baa Ram Ewe yarn compositions boast 100% natural fibres with a perfect blend of UK wools, such as Bluefaced Leicester, British Alpaca and Wensleydale. Browse the complete range today and find your perfect match.

Please Note: Baa Ram Ewe Wools may feature Hanks, please ensure your Hank is unwound to avoid snags and tangles.