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Wendy Kippax

Wendy Kippax

I have been knitting for many years, probably most of my life. I love the feel of yarn, the texture and the vast array of colours. I like to make things that I would have in my own home or would wear.

I love to find ways to make the construction of projects easier so you get all of the effect with less fuss. I always have at least two projects on the go at any time. I take my knitting out with me and knit in public, it is a great conversation starter.

Inspiration comes from history, travelling and patterns, colours and textures I see all around me, there is always something to get my interest. I have always played about with patterns to make them more me but only began designing properly after winning Designer of the Year in a national magazine a few years ago. That gave me the start I needed to realise my ambitions.

It is a great thrill to see what a ball of yarn can become. I never tire of knitting and experimenting. So many ideas, so little time! I am happily married to a very tolerant man who does not seem to mind the endless piles of yarn and half knitted items that appear in the house. I have three grown-up children and one grandson, who I intend to teach to knit when he is a bit older.