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The Wackiest Knits from Ravelry Members

The Wackiest Knits from Ravelry Members

Ravelry introduces us to all kinds of fresh and exciting knitting patterns. From wardrobe staples and timeless classics through to more outlandish designs, the platform offers plenty of inspiration to novice and experienced knitters alike.

But not everyone within this world-famous community is content with producing designs that fit the mould. Some users have created some seriously ‘out there’ ideas, some of which are entertaining and unsettling in equal measure.

Here, we’ve listed our favourite wacky pieces from Ravelry members. We hope these designs will prove to you that if you you’ve got a tendency to think outside of the box, and you’re willing to put in the hard work, you really can create all kinds of weird and wonderful knits for your friends and family to enjoy!

Tiny Clanger

Tiny ClangerRemember these little inquisitive creatures from outer space? They first graced our screens back in 1969, and they’ve enjoyed somewhat of a revival in the last few years thanks to the launch of a new series back in 2015.

And now fans can create their very own Clanger thanks to this free toy pattern from Deramores, which can be downloaded for free from Ravelry!

Wendy Merino 4 Ply is the perfect yarn for this project. You’ll also need extra accessories to bring your Clanger to life, so be sure to check the instructions before making a start. 

The Crochet Owl for the innocent Big Knit

The Crochet Owl for the innocent Big KnitWe’re living in an age where big brands can have huge influence on popular culture, for better or for worst. But for the last decade, drinks brand Innocent have been using their exposure for the greater good by running the Big Knit campaign, an initiative that raises money for Age UK to help keep the older generation warm during the winter months.

Designer Val Pierce offers a simple crochet pattern to help you raise awareness of the cause by creating the campaign’s mascot, the Owl. Take a look at his portfolio for more amazing toy creations.

Noni Bobble Bag

Noni Bobble BagAre you a bobble-lover? Then you’ll do a double-take when you set eyes on this zany Noni bobble bag from knittyboo.

It’s bright, it’s bold, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The design didn’t come together easily – the creator herself admits that “making all those bobbles almost killed [her]” – but the hard work was worth it, right? 

Fiber Fish

Fiber FishWe can’t decide whether these colourful Fiber fish are cute or just plain terrifying. Perhaps it’s the googly eyes that are giving us the heebie-jeebies. But either way, we certainly won’t forget them!

Laurie Corriveau put together these versatile little creatures using 4 ply yarn. They are designed to be used as mittens, but we think they would make great gifts for kids just as they are.  

Foxy fur scarf and mittens

 Foxy fur scarf and mittensContinuing with the animals-as-accessories theme, we’ve picked up the Foxy fur scarf and mittens from Erika Knight. This unique pattern was originally supplied by Deramores, and puts any super-bulky DK wool to good use.

As LoisGrandma, one enamoured Ravelry user put it, the pattern is “quick, fun and effective”. She made some small but interesting changes to the design – you can check out her modifications here.


DraculaStuck in a rut this Halloween? Give the Dracula pattern from Fiona Goble a try!

It may look complicated, but Ravelry users have actually rated this design relatively easy to knit, so don’t be put off if you’re still honing your skills. All of the body parts are knitted separately and then joined together with Velcro, so this little fellow is less likely to be damaged beyond repair during playtime. 


YodaHave you ever seen a more adorable knitted toy? You can find this cute crocheted representation of Yoda, along with lots of fun designs for other key characters from the film franchise, in the Star Wars Crochet Kit.

We’ve got Lucy Collin to thank for submitting this project on Ravelry.

Colourful Party Hat

Colourful Party HatCelebrate loud and proud with this bold, wide-brimmed party hat from Reimy Johanna Designs. This pattern can be crocheted in four different colours with yarns of your choice to create an accessory that can be as bold as you want it to be!

Use up your leftover double knit wool for this one. You’ll need about 30g of each colour for a finished item that’s big enough for most to wear.

Tako Maki

Tako MakiThis is another quirky knitted piece that you can create from all that excess yarn that you’ve stashed away for a rainy day.

This friendly-looking Tako Maki octopus can be customised in a colour of your choice, and you can experiment with different eye buttons to add personality to your cozy, too.

If you prefer to crochet, don’t worry – Hope Furno can teach you how to create her Crazy Lil’ Octopus, which is the spitting image of this design.

Amigurumi Baby Sloth

Amigurumi Baby SlothBuild your own knitted family of sloths with the free crochet pattern that’s on offer from The Twisted Crocheter. You can find a link to the downloadable version here

Many of their designs make use of the traditional amigurumi technique, which originates from Japan. It’s great fun to try, and it allows you to create all kinds of gorgeous companions!

Inner Beast

Inner BeastThis little guy is perhaps one of the wackiest creations of all. The doll is the brainchild of Sharon Maher, and she came up with this crochet pattern to complement the Magic Ball Swap that took place at the International Freeform Forum in December 2016. The idea is that the Inner Beast can be put together using leftover pieces of yarn of all kinds of types and colours; there’s no right or wrong combination of wool here, but to bring all of the materials together correctly, you’ll need to make sure that the stuffing within the doll is not visible between stitches.

The sheer creativity of other Ravelry members never ceases to amaze us. Have you stumbled across a weird and wacky knit from one of your favourite designers? If so, share your find with us on Twitter or Instagram (@deramores)!