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The Deramores Woodland Animals Collection

The Deramores Woodland Animals Collection

Welcome our latest soft toy collection: The Deramores Woodland Animals. Designed by the ever-talented Amanda Berry these six forest friends are the newest additions to the Deramores site. The perfect knits for your little one or for any animal enthusiast the Deramores Woodland Animals are made using the fantastic anti-piling Deramores Studio DK.   

Francesca the Fox

A vixen who takes pride in her appearance, Francesca the Fox spends her days hidden deep within the forest and comes alive with the glow of the moonlit sky. Part of a pack Francesca comes from a long line of fierce foxes, making some of her best friends the perfect fox prey. Loyal to her friends Francesca has had to play a few fake chases in her time, but her trusty side kick Harriet is always happy to run with the look of fear in her eye. With a flick of her tail and gorgeous grin, Francesca catches the eye of all the woodland creatures.

Harriet the Hare

Full of life Harriet the Hare loves to live on the edge, which is why her friendship with Francesca is so strong; with fake chases and near catches often on the cards their days spent together are always fun filled. She may be small in size, but with her larger than life character this little lady is loved by all the Woodland Animals gang. Whilst Francesca hides throughout the day, Harriet relaxes by grazing on the greenery and basking in the heat of the midday sun. Together Harriet and Francesca rule the woodland grounds and whilst the men of the forest may be larger in size the crafty minds of this pair create a winning team.

Savannah the Squirrel

With an eye in the sky Savannah is the one to watch, she knows your secrets and for a healthy donation of acorns she’s easily swayed into sharing these! An independent woman, Savannah has no fears and is always ready to explore the forest for the latest goings on. Call her a gossip or call her a clever lady, Savannah knows how to wrap the woodland animals around her fabulously fluffy tail. People watching is one of Savannah’s favourite past-times so being holder of all secrets comes easily to her. Whilst she sits high in the trees, munching away on acorns this lady has a scurry of squirrels spread across the forest keeping a watchful eye for her.

Benjamin the Bear

The father figure of the group, Benjamin the Bear is always there with open arms for all the woodland gang. After a big squish, some words of wisdom and one of Benjamin’s delicious creations all your problems will be fixed and worries will be gone. Delicious creations you say? Yes, that’s right Benjamin is a whizz in his tree trunk kitchen and is always baking up some fancy delicacies for him and his friends. A man of true values and years of wisdom, Benjamin may look a little scary at first from his sheer size, but the second you get to know him he’s the man all the woodland animals want to keep by their side.

Barry the Badger

It’s in Barry’s nature to be naughty and naughty he is. Barry never fails to get himself into mischief one way or another. Whether he’s playing tricks on Francesca and her family or scaring the smaller animals of the forest with his big, white grin Barry loves to cause trouble. Together Benjamin and Derek try to keep him in line – it may not be an easy job, but Barry has huge respect for his fellow male friends. He may be naughty but Barry would never do anything to hurt his friends and as they love him for being the joker, he loves them all very dearly too.

Derek the Deer

The handsome one of the group, Derek strides around the forest with pride. From the female deer to the vixens of the fox pack, the ladies are always swooning over him and love to catch his eye. Derek acts as older brother to Barry and tries to teach him valuable life lessons, but it doesn’t take a lot for the dreamy deer to get distracted. Witty, but not so whimsical Derek works wonders with words and loves to share stories with his woodland friends. Fiction or fact we’ll never know but the when the gang huddle around evening bonfire his friends love nothing more than hearing about a day in the life of Derek.


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