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The Benefits of Knitting and Crocheting with Natural Fibres

The Benefits of Knitting and Crocheting with Natural Fibres

There are many benefits to crafting with natural fibres, find out why in this article.

What is natural fibre yarn?

Natural fibre yarn is produced by plants, animals or geological processes.

What are the main benefits of natural fibres?

The main advantage of using natural fibre yarn is that it is biodegradable and eco-friendly as the yarn does not containing plastic, unlike acrylic yarn. This means that natural fibre yarn will decompose down after time and will reduce wastage in landfills, that acrylic yarn creates.

Natural fibre yarn is made from a sustainable resource, this could be from an animal-based fibre or a plant-based fibre. As animals continue to regrow their fleece and plants will naturally regrow, this helps maintain an environmentally friendly production method.

Wool yarn, made from sheep fleece in particular, is thought to be ideal for beginner knitters/crocheters, due to the naturally fuzzy texture of the yarn, which helps stitches hold their shape. This makes it easier for your stitches to stay put on your needles or hooks. Acrylic yarn on the other hand, is very smooth and lacks the natural texture that wool provides.

Cotton fibre yarn is excellent for creating classic items where you wish for great stitch definition. This is achieved due to the in-elasticity of the yarn which means that it naturally settles into a relaxed position. Cotton is able to pull heat away from the skin as it is composed almost entirely of cellulose, meaning it is a great yarn for creating breathable garments. This makes cotton an ideal yarn for lightweight summer shawls or cardigans. 

Research from the University of Sydney has shown that sleeping on or underneath wool encourages a better night’s sleep, this is due to wool being naturally breathable, making it a good temperature regulator. It also releases moisture which prevents clamminess. The study suggests that people sleep more deeply and longer with wool bedding. Natural yarns tend to keep the warmth in better and are more durable than synthetic yarn.

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