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Support Your Local Club With Deramores Studio

Support Your Local Club With Deramores Studio

Here at Deramores, the UK’s award-winning knitting & crochet retailer, we aim to support our community in a variety of different ways.

This April, we are asking you to help nominate a Knitting/Crochet group you think we should donate to. From 1st April to 30th June, we are donating 1p for every ball of Deramores Studio purchased, this will be going to your chosen Knitting/Crochet Club. At the end of June 2019, we will send our donation to your chosen Knitting/Crochet Club to spend as they wish, whether it be social activities, supplies or events.

Help us shortlist to two clubs of your choice by heading over to our Facebook and suggest clubs you think should receive this donation by commenting on our supporting local clubs post.


Why do Knitting and Crochet groups matter?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or you’re about to knit your 30th jumper; these groups offers the chance for individuals to share skills and learn together. It’s happened to us all where we are half way through something and then you are in a struggle working out how to do the next step. However, through the use of Knitting/Crochet groups, you are able to ask for advice and support to help gain knowledge whilst having fun sharing your projects. 

This is a great way to combine a variety of different individuals together to bond through just the hobby of knitting/crochet.


How can Knitting/Crochet have a positive impact on you?

Studies carried out by bodies including the Mayo Clinic, the Harvard Medical School and even the NHS have found solid correlations between handicrafts and medical and physical health. Back in 2007, Harvard Medical School published a paper that found knitting reduced the heart rate by as much as 11 beats per minute, reducing anxiety and creating what it calls an enhanced rate of calm.

Anyone suffering from chronic pain through, for example, arthritis or rheumatism might think that knitting would be that last thing that could help. However, the evidence suggests otherwise. The repetitive movements can help keep joints and muscles active, reducing the effects of certain conditions.

In addition, the mental relaxation provided triggers the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that brings natural feelings of wellbeing, pain reduction and can even help your body maintain better sleep cycles.

More information on the positive effects of Knitting and Crochet can be found here:


Who was nominated?

Throughout the month of April we gave everyone the chance to nominate on our Facebook post with who should win this donation.

We are thrilled to announce that Blue Light Babies and Warm Baby Project are the two clubs nominated. 


How do I vote for who I wish to win?

So, head over to our Facebook now and vote for either Blue Light Babies or Warm Baby Project for them to be in with the chance of receiving 1p of every ball of Deramores Studio Sold!

Winners will be announced on the 21st of June so stay tuned.


About the two clubs nominated

Warm Baby Project;


Warm Baby Project began after the birth of Sheelagh's grandson Frankie, who was born at 36 weeks on Christmas day 2015. He was born extremely poorly and was saved by the two NICU's he was in. Sheelagh's family were given hats, blankets and cardigans for little baby Frankie to keep him warm whilst he was in the NICU; this provided support and comfort and helped the family emotionally whilst providing Frankie with warmth.Sheelagh then began knitting blankets and hats for the NICU's who had saved Frankie's life to try and give something back to them which is where Warm Baby Project was founded.


Why vote for Warm Baby Project;

They have gone from 1 knitter knitting for 2 hospitals, to over 100 knitters, knitting for hospitals all over the country. There are now 20+ big parcels of knitting posted out to NICU's every week, keeping babies warm all over the country and bringing comfort to their families. They supply hospitals with going home packs for the babies whose parents are not prepared, as a lot of families are not expecting to be having a tiny baby so early and are not ready with clothes that fit, so they are given hats, cardigans and a blanket for their baby to go home with.

We are often able to respond to call outs from hospitals for specific knitted items when they are all out of something in their NICU's to keep them stocked up when the babies are in need. Just the other day they responded to an appeal from Luton & Dunstable for traffic light hats which are now on their way to them.

They rely fully on donations through their Just Giving page to provide their knitters with yarn to carry on knitters.

Check out their facebook page to see photos of items they have knitted:



Blue Light Babies (BLB):


This group's first project was to equip every front-line ambulance in the North East with a baby hat and blanket as it is a project very close to the heart for founder Jo. They are now in the process of supplying a number of ambulance services with our packs on all their front line operational vehicles. 


Why vote for Blue Light Babies:

Their aim is to provide all front-line pre-hospital emergency care personnel in the UK with a Blue Light Babies pack. To help the process of this BLB offer a range of different packs. This includes:

-Ambulance Packs:

A BLB ambulance pack contains two hats, (one premature and one term) and a blanket around 22 inches square. They promote evidence-based research in the ‘Kangaroo Method’ after delivery. This means that the newborn is placed on mums’ chest and the layover blanket on top of baby.

-Blessing Gowns Project:

When a child dies unexpectedly or as a result of trauma the family have had no time to prepare and it is simply devasting. It is here when the child may be blessed if the family wish within the Accident and Emergancy Derapetment. There is no provision for gowns/clothes for this ceremony. Blue Light Babies intends to change this nationwide - by offering and providing handmade gowns to every Accident and Emergency department in the U.K. We also provide white blankets (of any size) and white small teddies that hold keepsake charms for dads or older children.

-Chemo Duck:

When a child who attends the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle is diagnosed with cancer they are given a small soft toy called chemo duck. The duck is used to provide education and comfort through medical play using therapeutic tools.  This enables hospital staff and parents to prepare children for chemotherapy treatment and fear of the unknown.

In Amy's Hands - Twiddle Muffs:

A twiddle muff is a tube - knitted crochet or sewn and adorned with items for dementia patients to twiddle with.


These little multi limbed creatures are made for babies in incubators. Their tentacles allow the little ones to fiddle with them and not their essential tubes and monitoring equipment. It has proved that these items provide comfort and relieve stress, as the tentacles are similar in texture to their umbilical cord.

-Trauma Teddies:

Police traffic officers often are first to attend road traffic collisions - many involving children. They are now supplied with small teddies that they can give to children as a source of comfort and distraction.

And the Winner is...

Blue Light Babies ended on a significant lead, winning a donation that amounts to 1p of every ball of Studio Dk sold between April 1st 2019 and June 30th 2019. 

However, the founder of the Blue Light Babies group, empathizing with the struggles of smaller groups who are also contributing to good causes made the generous gesture of splitting the grand total with the contenders, Warm Baby Project. 

Both groups are delighted with the support they have received in the knitting and crochet community and will use the funding to continue their good work.