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Stitch of the Week: Treble Clusters Stitch

Treble Clusters Stitch

Note: This pattern uses UK crochet terminology.

Make foundation ch.

1st row: 1 into 2nd ch. from hook, 1 into each remaining ch., 2 ch., turn.

2nd row (WS): * Miss 1 st., 1 cluster into next st. as follows: (hook under yarn, draw loop through) 3 times, hook under yarn, draw loop through all 7 loops, 2 ch., rep. from * ending 1 tr. Into last st., 2 ch., turn.

3rd row: 1 into top of 1st cluster, * 1 into ch. space, 1 into top of next cluster, rep. from * ending 1 into top of 2 turning ch., 2 ch., turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for pattern.

Download the PDF pattern here.

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