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Novita Yarns Available NOW from Leading Retailer, Deramores

Novita Yarns Available NOW from Leading Retailer, Deramores

Novita Knits Now Available from Deramores

Today, one of the largest Nordic brands is now available to buy at Deramores.

Novita is one of the largest hand-knitting spinner’s in the Nordic region, boasting an exceptional reputation for producing yarns of surpassing quality and creating unique Nordics designs from their hometown in Koria, Finland.

Novita will be introducing some of their most popular brands with Deramores, from the beloved 7 Veljestä, offering an array of colours that resonate the natural landscape of Finland, to the soft and thin 4-ply Baby Merino, which comes in a soothing selection of soft pastels and neutral colours.

Deramores are extremely pleased to welcome a quality and conscious brand like Novita to their portfolio and Novita are as equally pleased, commenting that “We at Novita are very happy to start cooperation with one of the most esteemed retailers in the market, who share the same important mission of sharing a sense of joy and accomplishment for the crafters with high-quality yarns. We believe that together we can create something new and inspirational.”

The story of Novita began 90 years ago, when their founder, Ernst Gylfe left for Britain (the birthplace of the European yarn and textile industry) to study the craft of worsted spun yarn, in a bid to fulfil his dreams of bringing home fine quality yarns.

Returning to Finland Ernst Gylfe founded his own company and surrounded by the inspiration of the Nordic landscape, wove the joy of worsted spun yarn into the hearts (and needles!) of the Finnish.

Today, a fourth generation family-owned company, Novita continue to draw inspiration from their natural surroundings, seeking to responsibly and sustainably produce 10 million balls of yarn each year. One of the ways in which they achieve this is to repurpose the heat from their dying process to achieve energy efficient operations throughout the rest of their factory, helping them to invest in the rural tranquillity they know as home.

Browse the collection of Novita yarns, kits, patterns and colour packs today.

Novita Baby Merino Dream from Deramores Novita Nordic Wool from Deramores