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Novita – A climate pioneer in the textile industry

Novita – A climate pioneer in the textile industry

You may ask, what does carbon neutral mean? Being carbon neutral means any emissions Novita create, must be offset by emissions they reduce elsewhere. This is a huge achievement for the Novita team to have the carbon neutral status.

Novita's footprint in 2018 was calculated to 607 tons, an exceptionally small figure in comparison to the size of Novita’s business, as they grow and expand their operations into an international market.

You may wonder how Novita achieved this; they use EKO-labelled electricity such as wind power and Biogas, they reuse generated heat, minimise waste, maximise recycling and ensure all of the chemicals used are REACH-compliant - this has cut their carbon footprint cut by one third. Novita compensate the remaining emissions through carbon offsets.

With this in mind, it is no wonder Novita were awarded Best Sustainable Craft Company in 2020, by Craft Business Magazine.

It is incredibly important to Novita to remain passionate about sustainable development and reducing the environmental load of their operations to a minimum. The vision is for all material to be made of renewable or recyclable material by 2030.

Another great achievement from Novita in their sustainability mission, is the launch of their Earth collection. The first yarn in this collection is Novita Woolly Wood, a sustainable, completely biodegradable yarn.

We are impressed at the steps taken by Novita in their mission to become a more sustainable supplier and look forward to what’s to come from them in the future.

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