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The Noro Narrative - Discover Japanese Noro Yarn

The Noro Narrative - Discover Japanese Noro Yarn

Noro Yarn was founded by Eisaku Noro in Japan, a brand that is well-known for their signature vivid colour palettes that have been inspired by natural items, such as forests and flowers that can take up to six or seven years to develop.

What is the story behind Noro Yarns and how have they developed over time?

It all began when founder Noro began working within the yarn industry after learning the basics of spinning and the dyeing process. At the age of 30, Noro decided to branch out on his own and named his line ‘The World of Nature’, which is still printed on every ball of yarn to this day.

From the very beginning Noro incorporated his love for nature into any yarn he developed, something that hadn’t been seen before. By specially adapting industrial carding and spinning machines, Noro was able to produce unique yarns that had less environmental impact than the usual yarns.

The raw materials selected come from around the world, with all animal fibre yarns coming from certified farms and each fibre stringently checked for authenticity at all stages of their journey. The majority of wool fibres come from a breed of sheep called Polwarth, a breed that is especially used for Noro on a Australian farm. There is no mulesing, no unnecessary medicines are administered, and the sheep have their own drinking ponds. Noro checks the water and soil on the farm, the sheep’s food and the chemicals used in washing the wool.

‘’Natural fibers have great features that humans cannot mimic. I want to leave these features as much as possible in my yarns. If I make wool yarn, I use various lengths and thicknesses of wool fibers to try to reproduce the nature of sheep itself in our yarn: such as unevenness and coarseness. These natural states are intentionally left by using human hands and old machinery so that natural fibers are not over processed. ‘’ – Eisaku Noro

All of this is so crafters can feel nature more closely when knitting or crocheting with Noro yarns.

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