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NEW IN - Erika Knight British Blue 100

NEW IN - Erika Knight British Blue 100

We're big fans of Erika Knight and her scrumptious yarn ranges and beautifully contemporary designs. We caught up with the team recently who gave us a little more insight into the new addition to their yarn repertoire and the designs that accompany it.  

British Blue 100 is 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool in 100g hanks. 

Supremely soft, subtly sheeny and deliciously sumptuous; the wool of the Bluefaced Leicester is Britain’s most luxurious fibre.

With its fine, dense yet lightweight fleece, due to the nature of its tightly purled wool, the noble Bluefaced Leicester produces some of the finest commercial demi-lustre wool in the world. Often considered the ‘cashmere of British wools’, it is naturally the fibre of choice for creating the best of British wool yarns.

Wool is naturally soft, comfortable and sustainable, making it the ultimate fibre for the hand knitter.

"This collection of designs is inspired by the creativity and quintessential Britishness of ‘Charleston’, the Sussex home and meeting place of the artists, writers and intellectuals known as the Bloomsbury Group.  

The house and garden live on as a unique legacy to Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant’s creativity within a domestic context - with murals, painted furniture, ceramics, paintings and textiles testament to the inhabitants’ artistic and intellectual activity.

For me Charleston farmhouse (one of my preferred local places to indulge a rare afternoon off) represents liberation and an unbridled creativity. The vibrant colours and abstracted shapes which jump from canvas to wall to textile and back again, have inspired the opulent palette of british blue 100 and informed my design decisions for this collection. This is not costume, nor appropriation but homage to a modern attitude and freedom of expression. I wanted to design simple, loose forms with subtle details to become an everyday uniform. Wear with your sleeves rolled up for digging the garden or throw over a painting smock for cool afternoons in the studio; this is about an ease of wear and a relaxed fit for a creative lifestyle.” 

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