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Help the homeless and the environment with crochet!

Help the homeless and the environment with crochet!

Tik Tok star Mirelle is known for helping the homeless by crocheting up mats made from scrap pieces of soft plastic. She has since gained 6.5 Million likes and 165,600 followers who support and love to see Mirelle crochet up these heartwarming mats. 

These plastic mats Mirelle creates are durable, hygienic, help provide insulation and an over all cushion from the harsh ground for those in need especially over the winter period.

We had the honour of interviewing Mirelle and was able to ask her a few questions:

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, any exciting projects you are currently undertaking.

Hello! My name is Mirelle and I run a small etsy shop where I sell amigurumi and other crochet plushies. Crocheting is my passion and apart from crocheting the very popular bee pillows, I’m working on creating my own patterns for future plushies. 

Q. What inspired you to begin your crochet videos on Tik Tok?

While I initially downloaded Tik Tok for entertainment, I slowly started seeing the crochet and fiber art community on the platform and I wanted to be a part of it too. Seeing everyone show their process and their own amigurumis was really inspiring and only motivated me to crochet more. It wasn’t long before my videos were getting noticed and I entered the supportive community of small businesses on the app.

Q. What inspired you to begin crocheting with plastic?

About a year ago, I stumbled across an article featuring a group of ladies that collected plastic to crochet mats out of them for the homeless community. I was truly inspired and thought it was a genius idea, but I didn’t actually start crocheting with plastic myself until earlier this year. I started with plastic grocery bags, but when I noticed how much plastic my job (at the time) threw away, I wanted to make a change. I started collecting the plastic that came from getting our inventory shipped and I ended up incorporating other soft plastics into the mats . While I no longer work there, I continue to collect soft plastics and grocery bags from friends and family.

Q. How many mats have you made for the homeless for crocheting with plastic?

So far I’ve completed and donated three, and I’m currently working on another one. 

Q. How long does each mat take you to crochet up?

While I can only dedicate a couple hours a week on these mats, a single mat can take me 1-2 months to completely finish. From collecting the plastic, turning it into plarn (plastic yarn), and then crocheting it, it’s a very time-consuming project. 

Q. How can people get involved and create these plastic mats for the homeless?

The first step is to save your plastic bags and turn them into plarn. While there are plenty of plarn tutorials online, you can also look up #plarn on Tik Tok and find other helpful tutorials/videos as well. Once you have the plarn made, you can begin crocheting anything with it. 

For those that do not know how to crochet, I would recommend looking to see if there are any local groups that work with plarn as well. 

Q. How did you begin to learn to crochet?

Back in 2014, my aunt had taught me how to knit, and for a while I exclusively made scarves. Eventually I wanted to branch out and learn amigurumi, so I ended up teaching myself through YouTube tutorials and trial-and-error. 

Q. What upcoming projects can we look forward to seeing on your Tik Tok next?

As the holiday season is approaching, I’m working on creating more holiday themed plushies.

You can check the progress or videos how to crochet the plastic mats at any time by heading over to Mirelle's Tik Tok by clicking HERE