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Meet Lifesize Thanos and the Creator Behind the Knitted Marvel Supervillain

Meet Lifesize Thanos and the Creator Behind the Knitted Marvel Supervillain

25 year old, TikTok star Jenna is undoubtedly talented with knitting!

Known for her current project of knitting a lifesize version of Thanos from the Marvel film Avengers, Jenna has gained nearly 2 million likes on TikTok.

We had the honour of interviewing Jenna and was able to ask her a few questions:

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do and any exciting projects you are currently undertaking. 

A. I’m Jenna, I’m 25 and by day I work as an Environmental Adviser. By night, I knit ridiculous things! Currently I’m knitting a lifesize doll of Thanos at the request of my boyfriend. If you don’t know who Thanos is, he’s the villain from the Marvel Avengers movies (definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already seen them). He’s 8 foot 3 inches tall, so I’ve been knitting this guy for a few months!  


Q. What inspired you to begin your knitting videos on TikTok? 
A. I downloaded Tik Tok because my cousin was always saying how fun it is, and I immediately got hooked on the app! I came across so many artists sharing videos of their amazing artwork and they inspired me to make my own videos of my knitting projects.


Q. You have over 1.8 Million likes, which video did the public engage with best? 
A. My most viewed videos have been the lifesize Thanos updates, but people also seemed to enjoy my ‘Knitspiration’ series. I made those videos when I got the knitting equivalent of writers block, so I made two flipbooks – one with different animals, one with different outfits – and whatever I randomly landed on, I knitted! In that series I made a grandma bee, a French beaver and a business cat.


Q. What type of yarn is your favourite to knit with? 
A. For me it really depends what it is I’m making! I usually knit in double knit yarn, but for larger projects I use Aran. My go-to brands are Stylecraft, Paintbox and King Cole, but I’m always open to trying new yarns! 

Q. How long do you expect for your lifesize Thanos to take to knit? 
A. I started making lifesize Thanos back in May. I have just finished Thanos at the end of September. It has taken some time to do as I can only knit on evenings and weekends. But thanks to coronavirus, my social life hasn’t been as busy so I’ve managed to get a lot more knitting time in – got to make the best of a bad situation! 

Q. How did you begin to learn to knit? 
A. When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time with my Nan and Grandad. My Nan was always knitting (we used to call her Nanny-Knit-Knit), and when I was 11 she showed me how to knit. The first scarf I made was terrible – I remember it being bright green with holes all over the place, but she stuck with teaching me and helping me fix the problems and eventually I got the hang of it! To this day she is still teaching me tricks, and she’s also my knitting pattern test knitter! 

Q. What upcoming projects can we look forward to seeing on your TikTok next? 
A. I’ve had so much fun making lifesize Thanos that I think I’ll be sticking with the lifesize knitting theme. I’m not sure what I’ll go with next – possibly stick with the Marvel theme, or try something completely different. As long as Thanos has taken to make, I’ve loved making it and it’s so satisfying seeing it all come together!

You can check the progress of Thanos at any time by heading over to Jennas TikTok by clicking HERE.